Tons of product placement in Metal Gear: Peace Walker

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You might have heard of some of the cool tie-ins and product placement that will make it into Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, but here’s a full list to look over and giggle at. They went all out on this! The biggest? Assassin’s Creed and Monster Hunter have been incorporated into this game!

  • Assassin’s Creed straw dive makes it into the game. Seriously.
  • Konami teams up with Sony, Walkmans can be used in-game
  • Clothing brand Uniqlo will make 10 special Peace Walker shirts, available April 26, 1,500 yen
  • Above shirts will include a code for an in-game matching shirt
  • A Monster Hunter area in-game has actual Monster Hunter monsters in it!
  • Many other Monster Hunter tie-ins: Felyne, Ration Grill Sets, co-op play of missions and more
  • In-game magazines: Famitsu, Dengeki, Shounen
  • Suntory tie-up: Mountain Dew cans in-game, 8 IRL cans released in Japan
  • Above drinks will include a code for an in-game Mountain Dew shirt
  • Fritos and Doritos (above) will appear in-game as a recovery item
  • Axe brand deodorant will appear in-game as a recovery item

All of this was announced at a Peace Walker event in Tokyo today. It’s not clear whether these promotions will be in the U.S. version of the game. I gotta get some of these shirts!

Famitsu has tons of images of the shirts (IRL and in-game), beverages/snacks, and more.

Konami Announces Mountain of Metal Gear Tieups [IGN]

[Update: Check out a movie showing the Monster Hunter area after the jump.]


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