Tomorrow is Bungie day; enjoy free virtual crap! [Update]

Tomorrow just so happens to be 07/07/07. Two things are going to happen because of that. A storm of people are going to go buy Lotto tickets, you know, because EVERYONE’S lucky number is 7. More importantly to you though, is that tomorrow is also Bungie Day Extravaganza. The number 7 has played a big roll in the Bungie universe and since this year’s Bungie Day is on the year 2007, it’s just extra special to team Bungie.

July 7th has come to be known as “Bungie Day” amongst our fan community and this year is extra special on account of it actually falling in a year ending with 7. If you’re new to our fan community, do some digging to find out the rich history of Bungie and the number 7 and you’ll see why 7/7/07 has special meaning within our family.

From 2:00 AM to midnight O’clock tomorrow, you’ll be able to score some free … somethings. They won’t say exactly what it is other than this VERY SUBTLE CLUE:

” … think something of a more decorative nature.”

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just being a tad sarcastic. Unlike my fellow writer Alex, (who doesn’t like Halo at all because he’s stuck in his Retro little world), I’m looking forward to whatever Bungie dumps on us. Mainly because whatever we’re getting is also a collectors item and you can only get it in the time given. My only question now is, why 2:00 AM to 12:00 AM Bungie? Shouldn’t it have been from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM? COME ON BUNGIE! CONSISTENCY!

[Update: OK, so it’s just a theme and Gamerpics. Way to kill the suspense Frankie.]

Hamza Aziz