Tomorrow is Black Friday. Are you prepared?

Tomorrow is that very special day that comes around this time every year where a boy’s fancy turns to Tickle Me Elmo dolls and suburban house wives stab each other in the eyes in a race to make their kids love them more than their alcoholic ex-husbands. It’s known in retail circles as Black Friday, and it’s the single biggest shopping day of the entire year. Fortunes will be made tomorrow and millions will be left dead, trampled by the rushing wave of rampant consumerism.

It’s also one the best times to get great deals on video games and video game related paraphernalia. Have you been jonesing for a Wii, but haven’t been able to find one? Well Black Friday is the day that all the big retailers are putting their latest shipments of both Wiis and PS3s out on the floor! It’s like Christmas and Chanukah rolled into one Super Holiday (take that Pioneer Day!). 

Thankfully, we at DToid have been rounding up some of the best web sites this side of goatse (no, I’m not linking it) to help you in your quest for cheap goods that you don’t really need. Hit the jump for more.

The key to getting the most out of tomorrow is one of two things;

  • Stay at home drunk as hell and hoping the Tryptophan wears off before you have to drive Voltron the next day
  • Know which stores to hit up for the finest in electronics, games, and shoving old ladies to the ground

The following links should help with the second suggestion, but you’re on your own if you’ve been driving Voltron all this time and never told me about it, you jackass.

Black Friday 
This is the biggest of the sites that catalogues Black Friday sales information. If it exists in one of the stores, you’ll find it here.

Black Friday
I swear this is a different website from the first one. This is the other big site that you can find all of the best deals on. Between this and the first one, you’ll be able to score some truly excellent deals on all kinds of rad gaming loot. 

Black Friday (Wikipedia)
Here’s the best explanation of why everyone goes batshit insane for goods tomorrow. I remember when I worked for CompUSA, one of the managers was explaining how Black Friday became the day that all the retailers decided to do massive sales on, but the explanation involved Myanmar, Aboriginal enslavement and a treatise on how Halo‘s Covenant was a metaphor for the oppression of the white man. 

Amazon Xbox 360 deal
One of the finest deals available this shopping season, the Amazon Xbox 360 deal involves a Core system for only 100 bones! Do you realize how cheap that is? I know homeless people who make that while sleeping on their golden cardboard boxes in the middle of a field of candies and friendly bumblebees!

Are any of you guys planning to brave the elements and the evil that other men do in order to pick up some new games or a new system for yourself or a lover? Let us know your plans and tactics for avoiding death. 

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