Tomorrow Corporation’s new game is Human Resource Machine

An approachable take on programming

I liked World of Goo. I loved Little Inferno (for reasons I’m still not sure I fully grasp). I’m into what Tomorrow Corporation is cooking. The team’s next game, Human Resource Machine, is an exercise in controlling office workers with “simple programming.” Don’t worry, it’s charming. And sinister.

“In each level, your boss gives you a task, like ‘Take everything from the INBOX, and put it in the OUTBOX!’ Automate it by programming your little office worker with simple drag n’ drop commands. You start the game with just 2 commands, and gradually earn more as you’re promoted. The entire language contains only 11 total commands — but they’re enough to simulate almost any computer algorithm in the world!”

Pre-orders are 20 percent off ($7.99). It’ll be out for PC and Mac on Steam this summer.

Jordan Devore
Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random.