Tomenasaner WiiWare game looks hilarious, Japanese

Hurdling housewifes and pink turds. Flip-kicking purple-wearing yakuza. Line dancing with schoolgirls. It’s all in a day’s work for a Japanese WiiWare game.

Tomenasaner looks hilarious. Look, any game that gives you a chance to breakdance as a post-level victory move is good with me. In fact, you play as a breakdancing salary man, and all the madness is controlled by one button.  In the gameplay video below the jump, you’ll see some of the strangest stuff ever in a side-scroller. You’ll see the first four levels. Snow skiing down a T-rex’s back? It’s in there.

For now, this is a Japan-only WiiWare release from Konami, costing 500 Wii Points. I’d go off on the loads of DSiWare and WiiWare that only Japan is privy to, but I have a lot to do today.

[via GoNintendo]

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