Tomb Raider creator refuses to draw Lara nude

I find something deeply amusing about the creator of Lara Croft having a shred of dignity, but it’s allegedly true. Toby Gard, the man responsible for massive-boobed Lara, refused to draw the lady in nothing but her birthday suit, only “allowing” himself to draw her from behind, with some tattered garments on.

“I was asked to do Lara nude. This was as close as I would allow myself to go,” says Gard. 

Well done on Toby Gard for having some class, I suppose, but let’s be honest here. Every Lara Croft fan in the world only cares about seeing Lara’s chestbollocks, so he might as well just bloody draw them and have done with it. Oh, and he could stand to doodle her minge, as well

Photos [ via TotalVideogames]

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