Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the Wii looks good, the flashlight not so much

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If you were to go by the above video on its own merits, you might be tempted to squeeze out a few laughs at Nintendo’s expense regarding Tomb Raider: Anniversary‘s port from the PlayStation 2 to the Wii. The good news is that if you’ve been paying attention to the developer diaries of the game, you know that the interactivity goes far beyond this. 

In addition to aiming the flashlight in those poorly lit confines of said tombs, the Wiimote enables players to interact with the environment in ways that mimic the real thing. Using what the imaginative head developer at Crystal Dynamics labels the “archaeological toolkit,” you no longer have to rely on buttons when faced with a wall obstruction. Now, you can feign the motions of a pickaxe, and take care of it in a real world way. Does it look like something may be written under all that dust? Whip out the brush, and use the Wiimote to motion it clean. I think you get the idea.

While the idea behind it all might not seem all that groundbreaking after seeing things similarly done with Metroid Prime: Corruption, I trust that it will be equally as enjoyable. If I have faith in anyone, it’s the guys at Crystal Dynamics — they know how to make quality games. Thanks to a little ingenuity and the Wii, flipping switches and swinging on ropes may never be the same again. Now if only they could make that flashlight sequence above a little more exciting. Guess you can’t have it all.

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