Tomb Raider Anniversary coming to the 360?

After Lara Croft’s phenomenal rebirth last year with Tomb Raider: Legend (it’s singular, n00bs!) and the success of said title on the Xbox 360, it was somewhat disheartening to see the 10th Anniversary remake of the game that started it all being released solely on last-gen systems. That may have recently changed however, as according to Gamespot and the online database of the ESRB Eidos has split the 5 major areas of the game up and had them rated for the Xbox 360, presumably to be released as episodic DLC. 

As good as Legend was, the original Tomb Raider was arguably the best in the series and I for one have been greatly awaiting the opportunity to return to the Lost City to cap some raptors and find the missing cogs once more. Now if only they would do the same for the Legacy of Kain series…

[Via Gamespot]

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