Tomato products on collectors editions

Yesterday we featured a post in which I used Halo: Reach‘s limited edition as a novelty Ragu display plinth. Strangely, in a world full of rape, genocide and tragic diseases, we found out that what really upsets people is when you put a jar of sauce on a videogame box.

Despite the haters, however, most people on Destructoid were emotionally stable enough to get that it was merely intended to amuse and, in typical Destructoid fashion, the community joined in. In this thread started by reader Tremulant, the act of putting tomato-based products on limited editions has continued. From Fallout 3 to Jade Empire, a mass of games have been given the tomato treatment.

This is why Destructoid is awesome. You can post a random picture of some Ragu on a game box, and our community is brilliant enough to take the joke to ludicrous heights. This level of silliness is what happens when people spend their time having fun with videogames instead of complaining and bitching about harmless blog posts. 

Take your “journalistic ethics” and shove them up your arse. The cool kids are trying to have fun while you flood the Internet with your impotent rage.

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