Tokyo Game Show will reduce power consumption by 25%

Things will never be the same after Great East Japan Earthquake. Everything has changed — even Tokyo Game Show. The organizers of Japan’s largest event sent out emails to attendees (me!) that noted their plan to reduce power consumption at this year’s show 

In consideration of the power shortage expected this summer, we have decided to reduce the total electricity consumption during the show by 25% compared with last year, including power used for site management and the removal of equipment. Specifically, we aim at achieving a 25% reduction by implementing power-saving measures such as replacing exhibition lighting with LED bulbs, not running down escalators, and limiting power consumption per exhibition booth.

Many cities in Japan are still taking measures to keep the cap on power usage, so it’s nice to see that TGS will be doing their part. This year’s show, set to take place in September, may look different than any other TGS before. It may also smell different if they turn the air conditioners down in one of the hottest months! 

There’s going to be about 150 organizations and over 1,200 booths at TGS, and it sounds like they all are going to participate in this year’s TGS. No one is being a wuss. It’s a big year for games with the 3DS in full swing, the NGP on the horizon and the Wii U ready to show its talents. I’m excited. And I’m not worried about going at all.

Dale North