Tokyo Game Show 2011 is set for Sept 15-18

Right when the sun is at its highest, the summer is hottest and the humidity is at its worst here in Japan, CESA officials have decided to bring the Tokyo Game Show back once again. More sweat, more crowds and maybe more games are expected for the September 15th through 18th event this year.

Speaking of crowds, the CESA is shooting for an attendance of 190,000 this year. This year they will bring back the Tougeki fighting tournament and cosplay event. Andriasang says that the theme for this year’s show is “If your heart dances, it’s a game.” The theme is never not funny.

As always, the first two days are press-only days, and the other two let the public in. This year should be particularly exciting with all the new portables on the market. Sony’s NGP should get it’s initial kickstart there and the 3DS should be going at it full force by then. We look forward to it.

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