Tokyo Game Show 2010’s visual is an ugly idol

Last year we loved and laughed at Tokyo Game Show’s slogan: “Game, it’s so energetic!”

But this year? This year beats them all. Rather than a silly slogan, they’ve gone with an even more bold visual concept that features an ugly idol with too many mechanical limbs (one seemingly coming from the crotch area!) holding various controllers, one of which has sprouted from her right leg. The slogan is something like “Game is going into a new chapter.”

No offense to creator Ippei Gyoubu, a visual designer, but this is…nasty. I like the future cityscape that sits around Fuji, but the idol-thing is not working for me.

Andria Sang says that TGS is actually represented by this idol. CESA says that the show is like an idol, drawing attention and admiration from gamers.

No one is admiring this thing. You can not admire it in full in our gallery.

Dale North