Tokyo Game Show 2010: 138 companies, 1,410 booth units

Those that have been reading Destructoid since its beginnings will know that I love the Tokyo Game Show so much that it’s hard for me not to think about it. Or talk about it. It’s easily my favorite part of this job, and I always profusely thank the Supreme Robot Commander for sending me on the assignment every year. It’s still a bit early to be thinking about the September 16-19 event, but I’m already excited. I think it’s going to be a big show this year. The TGS staff wants to make sure that we all know it with this latest update on the event.

As of July 1st, TGS has 138 companies signed up to exhibit this late summer. There will be 1,410 booth units in use over this four-day event, which is a quite a bit bigger than last year’s 1,367 units. Expect to see 3D and social games showcased among the showings, says TGS officials. Also expect to see more showings from Asian countries like China, Korea and Taiwan. They’ll all meet at the Asia Game Business Summit, which will take place on the business days of the event.

As always, the last two days of TGS are open to the public. There’s a new program for cosplayers on those days. They will also host the Tougeki Super Battle Opera international fighting game tournament finals. Ticketing for the tourney will be sold as a set with TGS admission, with details coming at a later date.

I’m looking forward to September. I hope you enjoy our coverage of the event as much as we love covering it for you.

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