Today’s Impulse is all about Nintendo’s surprise-filled Direct this week

Mario and Smash and Zelda, oh my!

Nintendo’s Direct presentations either go one of two ways: they are chock full of surprises no one saw coming or kind of meander along until they reach the finish line. Thankfully, this week’s Direct was full of a lot of good info and it led to some great banter between myself and Dan. We figured talking about our highlights and dislikes from the February presentation would make for some great discussion below.

Personally, I’m beyond stoked for that Link’s Awakening remake. I know rumors had been passed around for years, but I didn’t think Nintendo would be crazy enough to do it. The last few remakes have all been of 3D entries and I would have put money on Skyward Sword getting an HD release ahead of any of the Gameboy installments. With this absolute classic of a game getting the modern treatment, hopefully, this means Minish Cap won’t be far behind.

Since this is a longer discussion (almost a full half hour!), I could understand not wanting to sit in front of your computer and listen to me and Dan prattle on about video games. Thankfully, Impulse is available on SoundCloud for your portable listening pleasure! You can even play this in the background while checking out those demos for Yoshi’s Crafted World and Daemon X Machina. That sounds like a good companion to this episode.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.