Today’s Furi patch addresses noisy PS4 fans and bugs

Including the issue with charged shots

I love and sometimes loathe Furi, the tough twin-stick action/shooter title that released earlier this month from The Game Bakers. Every time I boot up my PlayStation 4, its icon is right there on the home screen, challenging me to get to work and improve on the bosses I struggle with the most (the sniper and the final, projectile-heavy fight). Given my current microscopic rate of progress toward the rigorous Platinum trophy, I doubt I’ll ever delete the game. Like P.T., it’s a permanent fixture.

There’s a new patch that tidies up some issues on PC and PS4. Notably, your console’s fans should be less noisy when Furi is running, and if you experienced problems with firing charged shots, they should now work as intended. I never ran into that bug, but I saw complaints pop up here and there.

  • IMPROVED – Some players experience « overheating » and the fans getting loud on PS4
  • IMPROVED – Some players experience screen tearing
  • FIXED – Some players can’t charge a shoot with R2 with a PS4 controller
  • FIXED – The warning message when leaving for the main menu says all progress will be lost
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst sniper shots go through the walls / Walls don’t have collisions
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst gets stuck in phase 5
  • FIXED – In The Scale level, the water is sometimes clipping
  • FIXED – [PC only] The mouse mode is not properly saved (directional/reticule)
  • Minor bugfixes and polish

For everything else, the studio has a running list of known issues on this page.

Reminder for those who need it: the full PS4 version of Furi can be downloaded at no extra cost with your PlayStation Plus membership throughout July. It’s one of the best games to have debuted on the subscription service since Rocket League, and that’s saying something.

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