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Toads of the Bayou brings the tactical swamp-folk in 2024

Battle Toads

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Fireshine Games has announced Toads of the Bayou, the premiere title of French studio La Grange. So far, we know that it’s coming to Steam, and it has a release window of just 2024.

Going through the features feels like I’m going down an indie-game checklist. Stay with me here; it’s a grid-based isometric(check), roguelite (check), deck-building (check), strategy game (check), with settlement building (check). Also, it has pixel-art graphics (check).

I may sound dismissive, but I’m actually reporting this news because I think it looks pretty cool. There isn’t a lot of info here or in the trailer, but the toads; they dress real spiffy. Toads of the Bayou has you protecting your settlement from Baron Samedi, who I can never not associate directly with the henchman in Live and Let Die. You do this by building up your deck and strengthening your colony.

“The goal for us was to allow the player to establish their place in this cursed environment, and make them appreciate how hard they fought and what they stood for. Nothing is ever granted in the Bayou, and thriving against the Baron’s evil forces is a real achievement,” said Alexandre Clement, Game Designer at La Grange. That’s strangely motivational.

We’ve got a long wait ahead of us before we can step into the slimy wingtips of the titular toads, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Toads of the Bayou shapes up.

Toads of the Bayou is currently announced for PC and is coming out in 2024.

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