Titanfall 2 will be skipping EA/Origin Access

The cards didn’t fall in place

If you’re a fan of EA’s newer games, one of the neatest benefits of owning an Xbox One is having access to EA Access, a service that (typically) lets you play new EA releases a few days early. It also gives you a selection of older titles for a small monthly fee, almost like a Netflix style service on consoles.

That service also exists on PC and is dubbed Origin Access. While the collection of titles isn’t shared between both platforms, the same type of amenities exist; you get early access to newer launches and a collection of older titles for a small monthly fee.

Sadly, Titanfall 2 won’t be offered on the service in either early access form or as a playable title. Titanfall‘s developer, Respawn Entertainment, mentioned to website GameReactor that the game may come to the service in the future, but will be skipping launch this week.

I can’t say I see the benefit to leaving this game off of the service. While this may be to increase profit from any sales of the game, with Infinite Warfare launching the following week, I’ve got a feeling that most players aren’t even going to bother with Titanfall 2.

Reception to the beta was fairly tepid and Call of Duty still commands a lot of attention, even if diehard fans are tired of all of its gimmicks. I think EA is looking at this wrong, but then again, PS4 players don’t even have a choice; they either buy it or don’t.

PSA: Titanfall 2 Excluded From EA/Origin Access [GameSpot]

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