Tipsy Prinny Night 08: New trailer and screens for Disgaea DS

The Disgaea series is making its way over to the Nintendo DS. The story takes place two years after King Krichevskoy, ruler of the Netherworld, passes away. The demons of the world fight to rule the kingdom all while the King’s son, Laharl, is in a deep sleep. He awakes after two years, and with the help of Etna, Laharl sets out to take back the Netherworld. 

Disgaea DS was on hand to try out during Tipsy Prinny Night and I have to say that the game looks great for a DS title. The characters looked really crisp and the controls were OK for making the jump to the analog-less DS. Beyond that, though, I can’t say much. The game was completely in Japanese so I had no idea what I was doing for the most part. And, honestly, even if it was in English, I still would have been lost.  

The two-player RPG will be out some time in September for the Nintendo DS. Check out the gallery below for the newest screens and character art from Disgaea DS

Santa Ana, CA — NIS America announced today that a new edition of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness will be released for the Nintendo DS. In order to fully utilize Nintendo DS’s capabilities several key improvements will be made to the user interface and game system. Disgaea for the Nintendo DS will arrive in North America in the summer of 2008.

About Disgaea DS
Disgaea’s game system is simple yet addictive. It has the same basic concept as other strategy RPGs, but uses many unique features and enhancements that make this game unprecedented. The following are some of the special features of Disgaea DS:

Geo Panels — A group of stat-altering elemental properties that are place upon certain parts of the battlefield. When there are one or more colored panels on the battle grid, it means an element can affect that area. The effect can boost or reduce your unit’s stats.

Geo Cubes — A new addition to the PSP version, Geo Cubes are magic items that add more depth to multi-player battles. You can use the various Geo Cubes to enhance your abilities, summon monsters, or even attack your enemies with them.

Demon Gadgets — Randomly generated items that appear on the battlefield. By acquiring these gadgets, you can power0up your units. Some demon gadgets can level your unit up by 30 levels at once.  

Transmigration — A form of reincarnation that allows you to start over from level 1, but your unit will grow stronger than before.  

Hamza Aziz