Tinybuild will likely need to reduce the size of Mr. Shifty to patch it on Switch


Ever since launch fans have pointed out problems with Mr. Shifty on Switch, most notably its variable framerate, and publisher tinyBuild has vowed to right that wrong. The only problem is it’s been several weeks, and there’s still no sign of the update.

Company CEO Alex Nichiporchik, who has been rather upfront through this entire process, explains that the patch is so big that they can’t actually implement it yet, but they’re “still working on it.” To get it pushed live they may have to even cut down on the size of the entire game, so there was no timeline given.

My issue isn’t so much with the performance (it was playable to me), but the game itself. It felt like a more boring take on Hotline Miami with superpowers, which isn’t something I thought I’d ever say. Thankfully Switch owners who do enjoy it should eventually get their patch, as Alex and crew have been updating users every step of the way.

Alex Nichiporchik [Reddit]

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