TimeSplitters 4 concept art uncovered (Update)

It looks like Free Radical Design has indeed gone under, and it’s horrible to see one of the few big British studios left bite the dust. To cheer ourselves up, let’s take a look at some TimeSplitters 4 concept art.

This is all done by Nick Carver, who is now looking for work since the death of FRD. As you can see, he’s a talented guy and with TimeSplitters known for its unique aesthetic, I doubt it’ll be too long before he finds a job. 

Best of luck to Carver and everyone who worked at Free Radical. Regardless of how bad Haze was, it’s a damn shame to see the company die.

[Update: Carver took the liberty of getting in touch with us to clear up a few things. The good news: this art is still pretty great. The bad news: it’s not TimeSplitters 4-related. 

Carver clarifies that the pieces of work are “pesonal pieces done for various challenges etc.” So there’s that. We still think someone should hire him. – Nick]

Jim Sterling