Time Magazine ruins a perfectly good pair of pants over the Wii

Yesterday, Time Magazine, in a bid to appeal to a younger, hipper audience posted an article reviewing the new Nintendo Wii.

To say that they liked it would be the understatement of the week. The article reads like a love letter from your girlfriend’s former boyfriend-turned-stalker. The only thing missing is the boiled pet rabbit.

The article is extremely complimentary toward Nintendo’s system. You can hardly imagine he likes his theoretical children as much as the Wii. He certainly doesn’t mention them ever joining the dinner party …

They cover all the details that you’ve heard ten or fifteen times before, but this time, you’re getting it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t usually play video games. The author couldn’t tell you who the Master Chief is, or why Sam Fisher is bald (it’s because of the scurvy), but the kind of unabashed enthusiasm that he exhibits is exactly why the Wii is going to do so well; It reaches out to people of all walks of life. From the stodgy professional who cares only about his latte and his portfolio to the elderly lady who only cares about her Valium and the family that now ignores her, everyone can find a way to get excited about what the Wii brings to the table.

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