Tighten up those graphics: DiRT 2’s shiny new look for PC

Codemasters promised better “water and other surfaces as well as crowd animations” for the delayed PC version of DiRT 2, and they weren’t kidding. While console gamers have had the opportunity to play and love the off-road racer for a while now, PC players have something to look forward to: DirectX 11.

At the Windows 7 launch party Microsoft held in New York, this new and improved version was finally shown off in all its highly-technical glory. Up above, there’s a video of the aforementioned quote in action, although the words used are a little more, uh, complex.

And below the fold, you can find a straight-up gameplay video. DiRT 2 looks phenomenal on consoles, but this is getting ridiculous. If you hadn’t heard, the game is quite solid — try the demo, assuming there will be one for PC at some point before the December 1 release date.

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