Ticket and event details for fan event Call of Duty XP

Call of Duty XP, an upcoming two-day fan event, has got CoD fans running around like crazy. There’s a tournament with a million dollars to be won, and only a few thousand tickets to get in. Activision and Microsoft are keeping quiet on location and other details. No wonder they’re going nuts! Fans have been dying to hear new information on the event. Today, Activision finally releases some details. 

Call of Duty XP tickets will go on sale July 19th at 10am Pacific Daylight Time on the official site. Tickets are $150 and are valid for both days. Your ticket includes admission to all events and activities. Individuals may purchase up to two tickets. Full name and info is required for each attendee and tickets are non-transferable. All of the proceeds will benefit the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that helps returning veterans find employment, establish careers and transition back to civilian life.

Call of Duty XP’s $1 Million Operation will feature a roster of top Call of Duty players in a 32-team, single-elimination tournament for $1 million in cash and prizes. On September 3rd, one four-man crew will win $400,000 as the top Call of Duty players ever. EVER.

This is going to be nuts! Have you seen the event map? Nuts! I’d love to go and cover this event as a press member. Not a player. I’d be eliminated so quick you wouldn’t even see it.

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