Thumper’s rhythm violence is strange and unsettling

Confirmed for PS4 and Steam

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Bambi this is not.

We’ve talked about Thumper a couple of times before and I’m still getting acclimated (if such a thing is even possible for a rhythmic racing game about a space beetle and “an insane giant head from the future” named CRAKHED). It’s now planned for release on Steam and PlayStation 4 next year.

“Every sound, collision, and visual effect is coherent and interwoven for maximum impact,” said Drool’s Marc Flury, who was previously the lead programmer on The Beatles: Rock Band (the best!) and Dance Central. “There’s no blood or gore in Thumper, but you will feel the violence.”

I’m picturing a ridiculous ’90s gaming magazine advertisement right now and it’s glorious.

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