Thumper has a new hardcore mode and PS4 Pro support

I will sit this one out

As if Drool’s rhythm-violence game Thumper isn’t enough of a challenge already when you’re going for perfect runs, there’s an update out today that will push you further into the depths of suffering/bliss.

In “Play +” mode, you only get a single life for the duration of a level, and while you can potentially earn a higher combo multiplier for a better spot on the leaderboards, expect an even faster game speed. It’s going to be brutal! On the positive side, you do get to play as a golden beetle, and that rules. Still, I think I’ll sit this one out and cheer Myles on instead. He was born in a lab to master this game.

The update is live on PC and PlayStation 4. With the PS4 Pro out today, there’s also now support for native 4K and, if you’re using PlayStation VR, “high quality supersampling and anti-aliasing.”

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