Thule Trail pays homage to Oregon Trail in style

If someone says “You have died of dysentery” to you and you laugh uproariously, you know exactly the significance that Oregon Trail holds in the annals of gaming’s past. If not, it may have been before your time — and therefore it is my duty to educate you in the ways of this iconic classic. Wikipedia has a fine summary of the title, which was highly memorable due to its random events and made quite an impact back in 1985 for PC gamers.

Now that you’re up to speed, I introduce Thule Trail for your pleasure, which places you in one of three cars on their way to the Atlantis Music Festival in California. Our own NihonTiger90 played through it with editors Chad, Tiff, Ron and Niero in tow, and as you can imagine the results were hilarious. Check it out on his community blog.

Since it’s all browser based, you have no excuse not play through while you’re at the day job pretending to work. At least they won’t catch you reading Destructoid again. 

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