Through the eyes of madness: Your avatar talks to me

Lived any good avatar conversations lately?

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[An avatar is a funny thing. For some people, it says something about their likes or interests. For others, it’s an extension of their personality. Our resident Avatar Whisperer, ZombZ, hears the deepest and darkest secrets of avatars throughout the community. What does yours say? – weslikestacos]

Hello and welcome. It’s community time!

This silly little blog deals with something I wanted to get off my chest for a long time. When I look at many of your avatars, I always imagine them literally talking to me. It’s only by pure coincidence, if what an avatar says matches the personality of the user. Almost nothing here reflects my thoughts about the users, so don’t take it personally.

Also, this is more a string of 50 comments than a proper, coherent blog. You have been warned.

a spider: I’m spiraling out of control.

absolutfreak: Thou hast seen nothing yet.

BigDoniel: Way too cool for you punks.

chiken: The k is silent and the c is non-existent… you twat.

Dango: I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

DeadMoon: Get it? (Also: I used to have a spider tattoo, now I have a mole.)

Dr Mel: Duh.

Dreggsao: The 80’s were the best and I’m willing to murder to prove it.

Fenriff: What’s one single man supposed to do with all this swagger?

Fuzunga: Everything I say is preceded and followed by a massive bender burp.

gajknight: *…*

Gamemaniac3434: I’m blue da ba dee da ba DIE.

GoofierBrute: Don’t look at me.

Gundy: You’re always top dog when you’re baked.

Hypno Coffin: I’ve strangled hundreds of toddlers.

iam16bit: I’ll upgrade as soon as I finish my backlog.

Jinx 01: I should probably say something, but let’s wait till he’s made a complete fool out of himself.

Jiraya: Lewd.

kevlarmonkey: What the hell is wrong with you, kid?

Khalid Eternal Nigh: Zero effort required. I got diz.

Larxinostic: I swear I was wearing panties when I left for work today.

Lawman: I wish I was Raiden.

lewness: … uhm… I had nothing to do with this…

Lokhen: Actually, everything I say should begin with the word “actually.”


Madoka Malika: Just five more minutes please.

Malthor: Oh snap! I ain’t tired no more.

Matt Damon: Matt Damon

Mike Martin: No lube.

MikeWallace: Feed me with your weirdness.

Nathan D: The D is for Dick. Nathan is for guro. Let’s do this.

ObliqueZombie: I’m as equally aroused as I am disgusted with all of you.

Occams: Tread lightly, little one. You will be judged.

Perro: All according to plan…

Pixie The Fairy: Settle down kid.

Rad Party God: Netflix and chill?

ragm54: Too soon Dood.

Retrofaction: I was my own Gaming-magazine back in the day.

RiffRaff: I used to be sexy, but now I’m all blocked up.


Seymour: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

ShadeOfLight: I’m watching each and every one of you oxy-morons.

Shinkz: *…*

Sir Shenanigans: “Shenanigans”… muhahaha.

SirNinjaFace: Your death shall be swift, once I get out of this damn basement.

SpielerDad: I’m a mischievous phallic fella.

SrChurros: The world is amazing and wonderful. Join me on this magical adventure.

Strider Hoang: Mhm. Ok. Yeah. That’s true. Aw shucks. Probably. Sorry what were you saying?

TheLimoMaker: I got sliced by Krillin. F***ING KRILLIN! Someone has to pay for that indignity.

triggerpigking: Keep talking. Everything you say is serious business and oddly fascinating to me.

Vadicta: We are Sanic. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

weslikestacos: I like tacos. Classy tacos.

Zaboru: We can do this, if you only believe in yourself!

Okay, that’s it for now. If you weren’t include it only means you either change your avatar too frequently or it simply refuses to talk to me. So yeah. Your avatar might be rude. <3

 Oh and before I forget: I LIED!

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