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Throné is the Thief of Octopath Traveler 2. Octopath Traveler fans should know that a Thief isn’t quite as mandatory this time around, as there aren’t unique treasure chests that only Throné can unlock. That said, absolutely do not underestimate this robber. Throné brings respectable offensive and great utility to your team, and her Path Actions are undeniably solid.

Throné can use Daggers and Swords, giving her solid offensive coverage against enemies. Check out the rest of what she can do below!

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Throné’s Path Actions and Talents

The signature Thief Path Action returns in Octopath Traveler 2 as Steal. Just as it was in Octopath Traveler, Steal lets you pilfer an NPC’s pockets with varying degrees of success. While this is one of the best ways to score free items, you can drain your reputation from failed attempts quicker than you’d think. Save often if you’re stealing from everyone in a city.

As you might expect, Throné works especially well at night. Once the sun falls, she gains the Ambush Path Action. If you are at an adequate level, Throné will instantly knock out an NPC once Ambush is used. This is one of the best Path Actions for getting NPCs out of the way, as it doesn’t require entering combat or consuming an item. That said, foes with high level requirements may lock you out of secrets until late in the game.

Finally, Throné’s talent is Blessing of Darkness. Like the name implies, this grants your entire party immediate buffs in battle when fighting at night. This works in caves and dungeons too, so make sure to travel in the dark if Throné is on your team!

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Thief’s Job and Support Skills

Here are all the Job Skills Throné can acquire via her base Thief job. The last skill listed requires obtaining the other skills first.


Steal: Steal an item from a single foe.
Darkest Night: Deal dark-based damage to a single foe.
HP Thief: Unleash a dagger attack on a single foe 2 times, and steal HP equivalent to half of the damage dealt.
Surprise Attack: Unleash a sword attack on a single foe. The sooner your action comes during a turn, the more potent the attack.
Swift Step: Raise your speed for 3 turns.
Armor Corrosive: Reduce the physical defense of a single foe for 2 turns.
Shackle Foe: Reduce the physical attack of a single foe for 2 turns.
[Divine Skill] Aeber’s Reckoning: Unleash a powerful dagger attack on all foes. The greater your speed, the more potent the attack.

Finally, here are the Support Skills for the Thief job. These will unlock as you learn more Job Skills.

Incidental Attack: The equipping character has a 50% chance of attacking when using a non-damaging skill.
Fleetfoot: Raises the equipping character’s speed by 50.
Ensnare: The equipping character has a 50% chance of inflicting an attribute-reducing effect when taking physical damage.
Life in the Shadows: Receive additional EXP and JP after battles at night. (Equipping multiple characters with this skill will have no added effect.)

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