Three Titanfall 2 Origin release deals up to 18% off

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Hey guess what? Titanfall 2 is out. We’re serious. It’s totally out. Didn’t you see the giant skyscraper poster and mass TV ad blitz? No? Okay because we didn’t either.

In either case, Titanfall 2 went live last night and albeit fanfare is timid compared to the first installment, the game has thus far been positively received. Three legitimate Origin/PC deals are available at three popular digital retailers:

The top discounts are 18% off at DLGamer and GMG for US customers. GamesPlanet comes in at 48.99 GBP which is one pound in savings!

Having the title available at third-party retailers is a good thing though, even those with modest discounts as this means there will be more chance for Titanfall 2 to receive seasonal discounts when savings strikes EA’s mood (it cycles the deal to distributors and keeps prices normal on the Origin store).

While the holiday season is coming up soon, we think a ~20% discount is the maximum you’ll be seeing in the near future for digital copies. If the game doesn’t sell well, expect 33% off discounts sooner rather than later from big box retailers such as Best Buy, Newegg, et al.

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