Three new titles land on Virtual Console

While Microsoft may be able to sleep well at night with just releasing one lousy Live Arcade game a week, Nintendo is already leading the revolution.

Super Star Soldier (which originally appeared on the Turbo-Grafx in 1990), as well as the Sega Genesis classics Ecco the Dolphin and Golden Axe have snuck onto the Wii’s Virtual Console. Super Star Soldier will run you 600 Wii points, while those Genesis titles are going to cost you 800 points apiece (that’s 6 and 8 US dollars for the mathematically challenged).

I could take this opportunity to inform you that both Golden Axe and Ecco the Dolphin, along with 25 other games, are available in the PS2 version of Sega Classics Collection at the low MSRP of $19.99. But then you couldn’t use that fancy-pants Wii Classic Controller you ran all over town to find. And we wouldn’t want that collecting dust, now would we?

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