Three new Silent Hill Origins vids underwhelm

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It’s a classic story: Human trucker boy meets zombie girl. Boy saves girl from house fire, girl wants to eat boy’s brains, boy bashes girl’s skull in with a hammer. This, my friends, is the mis en scène for three new Silent Hill Origins gameplay trailers.  

Incidentally, somebody at Konami is really happy with themselves about the whole hammer bit – it’s the focal point of all three videos. Forget problem solving and critical thinking, this Q4 PSP title is all about visceral, yet ultimately unsatisfying, button-mashing.

And then there’s the question of DIY gone awry. The flashlight attached to the flannel allows for a nicer swing, but makes things hard to see. I know the lack of visibility adds to the underwhelming and bland atmosphere, but it’s so illogical that it would probably just piss me off. Why don’t you just hold your flashlight like everybody else, Ashton?

Anyway, hit the jump for two more gameplay videos.

[via GWN, thanks Geoff!]

Don’t get excited — the above video is more of the same. You are allowed, however, to get excited if more of the same is exactly what you wanted. 

So, I have to ask: Is this survival horror at its finest? Exactly what you needed to tide you over until Silent Hill 5? Or is it Resident Evil 4 Lite?

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