Three new online Burnout Paradise modes revealed

As previously reported, Criterion Games will be delivering a significant update to Burnout Paradise, in what they’re calling “Codename: Bogart,” or “the Cagney update.” Today, the team has revealed three new online gameplay modes that will be added when the update hits next week.

The first is online “Stunt Run,” an 8-player competition where players compete for the highest score within a two minute time limit. An 8-player team event, “Online Road Rage,” will also be added; in this mode, one team of “runners” attempts to reach checkpoints, with the other team attempting to take them down. Finally, “Marked Man” makes its way to the online space — in 90 second intervals, one player is chosen as the marked man, ith other players attempting to take him/her down. 

For more detailed information on the new modes, head over to Criterion’s blog. You may also want to take note of the following sentence: “Over the next 12 months, we’re going to transform the Burnout Paradise you know and love into the Burnout Paradise you only ever dreamed of!”

Do I hear any complains?

Nick Chester