Three new Left 4 Dead videos have zombies in them, and the shooting of zombies

Today brings with it a fresh new selection of Left 4 Dead gameplay footage with three videos for your viewing amusement. The one above is the ‘Hell Hospital’ with ‘Apartment Defense’ and ‘Bloody Street Survival’ following after the jump. As you can see, there are zombies and guns, which is basically what we’ve seen in every single Left 4 Dead video so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one who needs innovation and brand new gameplay at every turn, but I ask those excited about this one to tread carefully, because so far it looks like guns and zombies are all we’re getting. 

Thankfully, guns and zombies are usually enough to keep one entertained for a goodly chunk of time, because they are the two greatest inventions of mankind. Just be warned … Left 4 Dead is showing potential to keep one less than interested after a few hours of playtime. Also, anyone else find that ghostly representation of your partners showing through walls really offputting? Hopefully these are minor gripes for what’s still looking like it could be a sweet co-op experience.

[Thanks, TheGoldenDonut] 

James Stephanie Sterling