THQ talks lessons learned with Metro 2033

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“It wasn’t properly supported in all areas,” THQ VP of core games Danny Bilson said of Metro 2033 in an interview with Joystiq. “Did the game need polish in certain areas? Yes.”

“So when I say it wasn’t fully supported, it was product development and marketing that didn’t support it the way it should’ve been.” Continuing Bilson says “a great marketer picked it up with four months to go and did what he could with four months to go, but it wasn’t properly nurtured by marketing.”

THQ won’t be making that mistake again with the sequel, Metro 2034. “I would say it’s gonna have some better, more familiar shooting mechanics in it. And I would also say it’s going to have a first-class marketing campaign that kicks off at E3.”

I do love how top men at companies like THQ and EA aren’t afraid to publicly talk about less-than-ideal execution and what that means for their games going forward. It’s interesting, to say the least.

THQ’s Bilson: Metro 2033 ‘wasn’t properly nurtured,’ sequel to address issues [Joystiq]

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