THQ set to release Tetris on the 360

After some legal squabble that surely involved many lawyers, THQ is finally ready to release a Tetris game for the Xbox 360. What’s going to be so special you ask? How about different skins, music, themes and four-player multiplayer? Does that perk your ears up a bit? Oh, and this online Tetris won’t include clumsy friend codes. From GameSpot:

Today the publisher exercised those rights with the announcement of Tetris Evolution for Microsoft’s console, the first THQ-published Tetris game since 2003’s Tetris Worlds on the original Xbox. As for what the title’s evolution entails, THQ said it is adding new gameplay modes, customizable presentation aspects (themes, skins, icons, and music), and online play for up to four players. 

Tetris Evolution is set to be released next month.  

Robert Summa