THQ rumored to be closing Japanese office

California based videogame publisher THQ is reportedly ceasing its publishing outpost in Japan, amid financial issues and sagging stocks. The company is currently undergoing a restructuring to avoid being delisted by NASDQ, and this might be the beginning of some major cost savings measures being implemented. The other Asian office in Shanghai, China is expected to remain in operation, but will be scaled back to some degree.

It’s not clear how this might effect scheduled releases like Darksiders 2 and UFC Undisputed 3, and where they were at in the process. The company was planning to self publish the titles in Japan, but since THQ has often opted to publish their games though other companies like Konami and YUKE’S they may have alternative agreements lined up. THQ has never been a huge player in Japan outside of the Saints Row series, but it’s a shame to see the economy take its toll in this way. I blame you uDraw!

THQジャパン、2月29日をもって日本の事務所を閉鎖今後はライセンスアウトによる他社パブリッシングに [Game Watch]

Hiroko Yamamura