THQ is back from the dead, kinda, with a Nordic re-branding

THQ Nordic

Practically in the dead of night, THQ is back. Kinda.

Nordic Games has re-branded as THQ Nordic — the publisher that bought the rights to the Darksiders series. They claim that back in 2013 they had a resurgence after buying said rights, leading to questions like “who the FUCK is Nordic Games” (their words), a period time, they realized, they had “just made the best deal in [their] company’s history.” As a result of those “key brands” from THQ being a part of them, they decided that they wanted to name to reflect that, so here we are. The studio claims that they have 23 projects in development, 13 of which they haven’t announced.

So uh, the most important bit to extrapolate from all this chest-thumping? They seem to have the money to make Darksiders 3 and 4. Hopefully those are several of the “unannounced projects.” This is all great stuff. Competition is good, and seeing another publisher make big moves is exciting.

Chris Carter
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