THQ doesn’t care about sequels (but won’t turn ’em down)

Destructoid was in San Francisco last week, checking out Metro 2033. The game has some serious potential and a very cool setting, but we’ve been wondering if there is any potential for a sequel, or if the game is being developed as a one-off game. We asked THQ, and the answer was quite frank. 

“For me personally, as long as the game is enjoyable, I don’t care if it’s a sequel or not,” retorts creative manager David Langeliers, “but there is a level of trust and set of player expectations when working with a franchise, that can both hurt and/or help you.

“When a Zelda fan goes out to buy the new Zelda game, they trust the product and they have a set of expectations concerning quality from the past titles they’ve played. If you live up to those expectations, then you gain more trust with the fan and they are likely to keep supporting you by purchasing your future franchise titles. Of course if you don’t meet their expectations then the trust can be diminished, and you may lose a long time fan.

“Today, I think almost every game from every studio is produced and developed with at least some thought of building a franchise in mind. If players enjoy something, they are going to want more of it. It would be a shame to let them down.”

Does Metro 2033 have potential for a sequel? Stay tuned to Destructoid this week for a full preview, where we’ll let you know exactly what this game is packing.

James Stephanie Sterling