THQ: Core audience not on Wii, de Blob going multiplat

THQ has put out a number of interesting little titles on the Wii, including Deadly Creatures and de Blob, but a new interview with CEO Brian Farrell seems to indicate that the publisher isn’t satisfied with its Wii software performance, and that previous Wii exclusives like de Blob are looking at future multiplatform status.

Deadly Creatures was a fun experience. Critically well-reviewed. Didn’t find much of an audience and I think more of the core-gaming audience is on 360 and PS3. I know Nintendo doesn’t like that message,” states Farrell. “I’m a huge fan of Nintendo personally, but that’s just not where the audience is or the audience there is fairly limited. The old guys like me and maybe you will still play the core stuff — all the stuff we love about Nintendo on the Wii. But we don’t branch out and play some of the core experiences on the Wii. If we do, we go HD and play on PS3 or 360.

de Blob started its life on Wii. We’ve not announced anything yet, but obviously with a great brand like that — people love that character — taking it to other platforms, the game mechanic can be done. Actually, I prefer it on a normal controller. We’ll be branching it out to other platforms — that’s a great brand to build.”

So, looks like de Blob will be hitting Xbox 360 and PS3 some time in the future, as THQ joins the ranks of other publishers who feel a bit burned by their rush towards the Wii. Not that the Wii isn’t worth exploiting, but it’s become clear that certain games simply don’t belong there, and it’s good to see that publishers are getting realistic about that.

End Bosses: THQ’s Brian Farrell [IGN via GoNintendo]

James Stephanie Sterling