Those Mega Man mobile games are out, are $1.99 each, and are awful

The framerate problems from the trailer are real

I woke up this morning to the news that the six Mega Man mobile games have hit both the iOS and Android marketplaces. They’re $1.99 each, so $12 in total, and I thought to myself — hey, $12 for all six classic games, on the go, whenever I want? That sounds like it could be okay. But no, these ports are basically unplayable.

For science I bought the first game on iOS to test it out, and yes, those severe framerate issues from the trailer they put out are actually present in the game. A few colleagues have confirmed that the rest of them are the same way. There’s an option to set the game speed to “high,” which helps, but still runs poorly. For reference I have an iPhone 6, and the game recommends “at least” a 5. It’s somehow worse than the 2009 iOS Mega Man 2 port.

It kills me how Capcom constantly shuts down projects for this series, says there isn’t enough demand, and just dumps this on us. The Legacy collection was actually good, basically recreated from the ground up, and had a lot of living little extras in it. Digital Eclipse did right by the series, and Capcom should just hire them to curate it full-time.

These mobile cash-ins only ruin the actual legacy of the Blue Bomber. Don’t buy them unless they’re heavily fixed.

Chris Carter
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