This Zero Suit Samus figure puts the amiibo to shame

The third release, coming in May 2016

Two months ago, Nintendo released its Zero Suit Samus amiibo. It was adequate, but real Metroid fans might be left wanting. The Good Smile Company, the company with a good name and good intentions, has a superior figure that will sate those needs.

This 1/8-scale Zero Suit Samus model is up for sale again for the third time. It’s nicely detailed, stands 220mm tall (8.66 inches), and even comes with a little metroid pal. It puts amiibo to shame.

But where it eclipses amiibo in quality, it also eclipses amiibo in price. The pre-order page lists it for 9,500 yen (about $78 right now). You get what you pay for, I guess.

Samus Aran: Zero Suit Ver. [Good Smile Company]

Brett Makedonski
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