This Zelda: Skyward Sword amiibo is lovely, but its feature should be in the game by default

It’s out with the game on July 16

So first up I have to really compliment the sculpt of this new amiibo figure. Job well done, folks.

A new Zelda amiibo? Yes. With loftwing? That’s a two for one! This figure is super rad and I dig that games like Skyward Sword are getting commemorative figures. For the most part, 2020 and 2021 have been dead on the amiibo front (although this year has already surpassed 2020). Onto the bad news.

My hype dwindled a bit after watching the below trailer, which introduces the duo. So normally the game offers “fast travel” using specific statues in-game to go back to the main hub (Skyloft). But with the amiibo, you can just tap the figure to the NFC point, and instantly travel back to Skyloft. Even better, when you use it again, you’ll go right back where you left off.

Am I crazy or is this a basic remaster quality of life feature? I’m typically all for amiibo unlocking cosmetic content (even “early unlocks” are fairly innocuous), but this is something a lot of people probably expected to be in the base game. If this figure is hard to track down too (just like the recent Monster Hunter Stories 2 figures, which aren’t even being sold online in the US), it’ll be even more of a pain.

As a reminder, we’ve kept a running tally of every amiibo figure released to date since 2014. You can check it out here.

Chris Carter
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