This Zelda: Breath of the Wild motorcycle stunt video is stylish and surgically efficient

Got ’em

You don’t see Zelda: Breath of the Wild motorcycle stunt videos as often as other clips.

I mean, that’s because it takes work to unlock it! To get the Master Cycle Zero, you need to finish the Champion’s Ballad DLC, which not everyone even owns, much less has the gumption to finish. But if you do, it’s a pretty rad reward in its own right, and allows for all sorts of open world shenanigans. Like this video from Redditor kneil95!

Short and to the sweet, like many classic Breath of the Wild stunt videos, they take the Master Cycle for a spin and get launched into the air by a waking Hinox. But the fun isn’t over, as they whip out their bow and launch some slow motion explosives down at the unsuspecting foe. The landing is arguably the best part, with a Legolas style leap at the end.

The creator of the video was actually inspired by Aura over on Twitter, who is helping popularize Master Cycle stunt videos again. I can get down with this new wave! Every few months the community shifts to something new, showing off their take on a classic stunt. And of course, most people end their videos with the slow motion “no look” anime walk away.

There’s an accepted etiquette at this point for these videos. That’s how far we’ve come from “check out this random clip I made.” One of the first-ever videos I remember watching ages ago was the “bear is on fire” clip.

I was inspired to try this out [Reddit]

I was inspired to try this out!😠from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

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