This Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod injects Mario 64 into the mix for one wild combo

The ‘Throwback Expansion’ is out on December 25

Once again the Zelda: Breath of the Wild community shows us that there’s more surprises left for the game; whether it’s via official content or modding. This particular mod is from Waikuteru, a Breath of the Wild creation guru who we’ve written about many times.

In a pleasant surprise, it’s all themed around Super Mario 64! Dubbed the “Throwback Expansion,” the mod even has a little story to back it up: “An unfamiliar voice speaks to Link and asks him to collect a valuable star fragment before monsters do and abuse its power. After Link has picked up the star fragment, he finds himself on a floating isle.” Hey, if Link’s Awakening is a thing that exists (and has Mario characters in it no less), I can buy this!

Folks will recognize the below video as a take on Whomp’s Fortress, featuring the vertical climb and arch-heavy infrastructure. The map will be populated with Breath of the Wild enemies, and tasks players with finding eight red coins. There also seems to be three (or more) star missions in all from a menu selection screen, so this could be a pretty packed mod.

Waikuteru is planning on releasing the mod to the public on December 25.

Chris Carter
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