This Zelda: Breath of the Wild demake looks like something I’d play

Nintendo can mine this concept for decades

The draw of demakes is undeniable.

As someone who has played pretty much every retro classic to date, the joy of jumping into a fan-crafted demake just to see how they interpret things differently is a mesmerizing feeling. It’s especially transcendent when you take a 3D or otherwise completely different game and transpose it onto the 2D format.

That’s absolutely what this creator did here with their Zelda: Breath of the Wild demake in the style of Zelda games of old like Link’s Awakening. Ohana Studio (who launched their first game on Steam not too long ago) notes that this is “not a full game,” and that it’s “just a prototype” made out of love for the original Game Boy line Zelda games. If it gets enough support, they might “make a full non-Zelda survival style Game Boy Color style game” out of the concept, substituting in non-Nintendo assets.

Some of the Breath of the Wild-ey things found in the prototype:

  • Scavenging trees for food
  • Killing animals and having them explode into meat
  • Finding random weapons scattered around the world

It’s a short video, but it should give you a nice little pick-me-up on a Wednesday!

Chris Carter
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