This Zelda: Breath of the Wild clip makes a good case for a Tony Hawk spinoff

Link’s Pro Skater

As I constantly lament the death of the Tony Hawk franchise (and get excited at the prospect of it coming back every chance I get), the spirit of the series still lives on through fans everywhere. Or something like that.

It definitely lives and breathes in this clip from bennyfastfeet, who posted a “totally intentional” video. The clip begins with the player showing off their sweet shredding skills, then jumping board-first into a Mountain Buck. Yes, totally intentional.

Did you also get the itch to go boot up Breath of the Wild? Well as a refresher, you can surf by equipping a shield, then block with ZL and jump down a slope: Y and X will trigger tricks.

Back to Tony Hawk. Did you know that a documentary was filmed that chronicles the history of the series? The project, Pretending I’m a Supermanis still planning a general release “soon.” Skater XL, a game that honors the legacy of both Tony Hawk and the Skate series while doing its own thing, is also currently in Early Access with a July release date. There’s options if you still hold water for Tony Hawk like I do.

This was totally intentional from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

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