This Zelda: Breath of the Wild animated box art video effect is incredible

I want it to be real

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has some incredible art, both in and outside of the game.

The box itself was pretty much perfect, showing off our hero Link in his new digs, overlooking a vast world that invited you to explore it. Artist Dion42o decided to take that beautiful art a step further and animate it.

I tried to make it as clear as possible in the headline: but this is a video effect imposed on the box itself. You can find a full rundown of how Dion42o did it here in this time-lapsed video. They used Adobe After Effects, as well as Photoshop.

The creator stated their original vision: “I really wanted a Guardian fight scene for the open case part, I was envisioning link parrying a beam and it shooting way outside of the case but I couldn’t find anything like it.”

Hey, this works! That Gold Lynel piece is one of my favorite all-time single selections of Zelda art. It really sums up the imposing feeling of squaring off against one for the first time: and all of the memories that go along with conquering them.

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