This wily Dark Souls III player has embraced his inner Patches


It’s wild to think that I only started Dark Souls III about a week ago, and wilder yet to come to the (worrying!) realization that I’ve somehow clocked a solid 35 hours of play time in that brief window. From Software’s action-RPGs are among the few games that can push me this far.

When I’m not staying up late for “one more attempt,” I’m reading about other people’s escapades or recounting my own over instant messages. My favorite stories have had to do with one of Dark Souls III‘s chaotic new covenants, the often helpful-but-eventually-backstabbing Mound Makers, and the strange things those dedicated players are willing to do while role-playing as a “mad dark spirit.”

Then there’s this: a guy who has brilliantly modeled his player-versus-player persona after From Software’s recurring trickster, Patches. I would happily fall for his pranks.

[Via reddit]

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