This week’s free Witcher 3 DLCs are a quest and armor set

‘Later this week’

CD Projekt Red is making good on their promise to add in some free DLC post-launch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, even a month after launch. This week sees the release of a new quest (Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted) and a Skellige armor set.

This whole “free DLC” scheme is genius. Most of these are 10 minute quests or simple armor sets you can ignore, but that’s the beauty of it. All of this stuff is DLC that Warner Bros. or another similar publisher would leave out of the game, and carve up as GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy pre-order bonuses.

Instead, CD Projekt Red has simply added it in for free over time, employing a great deal of good will that customers may use to buy the $24.99 Season Pass. Wait, there’s a Season Pass? Yep! Surprisingly, the developer has been keeping relatively quiet about it. See, you can sell your games without treating your customers like garbage.

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