This week’s Destiny raid challenge forces every player to participate

Golgoroth is up

Bungie has cycled in the new raid challenge this week for Destiny, as part of an effort to deliver a few pieces of guaranteed 320 loot to hardcore players, and keep them interested in the game. Instead of focusing on the War Priest, this time Golgoroth is in the spotlight for the King’s Fall raid.

The gist is that each player now needs to hold his gaze consecutively in a given cycle. What I mean by that is, that all six players are required to “hold gaze” in a single run, switching said gaze before it drops (read: the timer runs out). For those who aren’t aware, you have to shoot the fleshy back portion of the boss to grab his attention, or, his “gaze” — when you’re holding it, the boss will fire homing orbs at you, which you’re required to shoot to prevent your death, while the remaining five members fire at Golgoroth’s chest to do damage.

In essence, this is a slightly more difficult, but more tedious version of the fight. Previously, most groups opted to go for a “single orb” strategy, where they would have one player hold gaze the entire time in waves, making the battle relatively easy as long as one person knew what they were doing (Shadestep or Bladedancer makes this even easier for dedicated Hunters). To be clear, you can still do a single orb strat this week, but you’ll have to pass around the gaze a total of six times.

The way our group did it for hard mode three times is to drop an orb as normal, and have the first gazer pick it up as normal. All five remaining players blast away at his chest, and at eight seconds left on the gaze timer, the second person jumps out and grabs it. From there, we all jump out, and assign numbers to every player — cycling the gaze in sequential order, and passing it immediately — then on the last cycle, we meet back in the middle, drop an orb, and fire at his chest for the last gaze. Then we jump out and repeat that two or three times, depending on the damage.

It’s not difficult, but every raid member needs to participate and have at least some form of raid awareness. As a result, I’ve heard of numerous friends giving up today because one or two people kept messing up the mechanics. It’s interesting for sure that every person needs to do something (very few fights require this, as you can mostly get away with half the group doing the majority of the mechanics), but it’s still a relatively dull way to approach challenges.

I thought there would be something more to it, to be frank, like an extra mini-boss, or an actual brand new concept, not just an alteration of an existing one. But recycled content is the name of the game for Destiny, so I should have known better.

For your troubles, you’ll get a 320 Artifact, 320 piece of armor, an emblem, and a Calcified Fragment.

Chris Carter
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